Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

His father DID forgive him at the end. That’s why he killed him. Mercy killing.

Andy had a boatload of bullshit to deal with once he “recovered”. The cop sitting outside his hospital room was a clear indicator. 100% murder or attempted murder. White collar crimes at work. The dark justice of betraying a drug dealer. Oh, and his involvement with his mother’s murder. Shant not forget that.

The guy was a fucking wreck. God, I love Philip Seymour Hoffman. That scene in that car, he breaks for a couple minutes. Literally toe curling. He was such an amazing actor.

Great actors galore in this movie. Is it just me or does Marisa Tomei’s character have a striking resemblance to Nancy Botwin?

What do you think? Do you think his father forgave him and did him a solid at the end? Or was it his own form of justice for his wife’s death? A little of both?

It all kind of makes sense that his dad DID find out, though, because I’m not sure he would have been able to kill his own son otherwise. Everything happens for a reason, regardless of how dark and twisted it might be. Godddd this movie! 💛💛💛


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