You know you’re getting older when you decide to start “watching what you eat” in an attempt to curb your acid reflux.

“Watching what you eat” invokes a certain rebellion in me. I don’t care, I don’t care, I do what I want! I eat what I want! I believe I’ve covered the fact that I’m a child a previous post. Read this if you can see your flaws but lack the willingness to do anything about them.

Maybe this rebellion comes from my grandfather steepling his long, hairy, wrinkly, Grinch-like fingers together in front of him as he lectured me about eating between meals. I was 6.

Or anytime I mention the subject of food and/or exercise in front of certain self-righteous friends and get an earful of unwarranted advice on the benefits of “eating right and exercise”. 

I KNOWWW these things. Who doesn’t? Right? Over the last decade, everyone has gotten so conscious of proper nutrition, avoiding chemicals, etc. 

I went through a phase in 2009 where I was lecturing friends and family on how they should only eat organic fruits and veggies and to NEVER buy factory farm meat. Fast forward 8 years and meet me, the girl who eats fast food almost every single day. 19-year old me would be so disappointed and repulsed by this current state of being I am.

I went to the dentist today and he thinks I have acid reflux due to all the decay. The hygienist and him asked me twice, JUST TO BE SURE, I’m flossing. I floss twice a day. I’m sure that the fast food and soda doesn’t help. Or the pack a day smoke binges I go on for a week at a time between my months of abstinence.

Veggies. Baked chicken. Apples. Here I come! We need to save my teeth! 😬😬😬 


2 thoughts on “Aging

  1. I have horrendous acid reflux too, it’s eaten away a lot of my enamel. When i was thin, the dentist thought i was a bulimic. Anyway i digress, take prilosec, it really helps. I take one everyday and I’m usually fine unless I have a lot of acidic food, then just pop another.

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    1. I just started prilosec this morning. In the meantime I’ve been eating too many tums. Its funny how ever since the dentist pointed it out, the heartburn is so obvious to me. Been keeping a food journal too, to see how certain foods make me feel.

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