Opposites attract

I read a lot of MBTI. I am an INFP. The “dreamer”. I’ve read on quite a few sites that my ideal matches are ENTJ/ESTJ. I had never met one before. I can pick up on certain people’s types right away, usually with ENTJ/ESTJ’s. I’ve been waiting for an ENTJ to come into my life.

I had a date last week with this guy. Very straightforward, confident, dominant. Literally a foot taller than me. Funny, but in like a not quite sarcastic but not obvious way with a perfect delivery.

I hated this guy. I thought he was such an asshole. But I was SUPER attracted to him. Physically. Lust.The minute I saw him, my mind went blank, and I just couldn’t wipe the stupid fucking smile that decided to stay plastered on my face, throwing coy out the window.

He hurt my feelings with his comment about one of my (now known) tics, shaking my head? (Lol) He called me out on my “uninterested/bored facial expression” too and I was pissed. I am so not used to people being so upfront and transparent. I’m more tactful than truthful. I think about people’s feelings, I’m intuitively in tune with their feelings. Being an obvious Te-dominant, he values efficiency above all else. Black/white thinking. Whereas I, being a secondary Ne-user, see a million sides to everything and am prone to changing my mind (which he also calls me out on).

I blocked him on the dating app, I blocked him on my phone… Then unblocked him. Then blocked him again. Then unblocked him. It’s obvious we have this strong sexual spark, something I’ve really never experienced before (i.e. I hated him, but wanted to fuck him). We got honest with each other. We are on the same page. Also something I’m not used to. Welcome to lust?

I misunderstood his sarcastic comments. I may be a sweet INFP, but I generally take control in relationships and am the dominant one, so overtly you may not even notice. I wasn’t used to someone being so dominant and it intrigued me. Not only that but we had this obvious physical attraction, like static just buzzing between us, ending between my legs. Being with him was like a drug.

Life is short. I’ve been waiting for a guy exactly like him. Successful, goal-oriented, direct, well-dressed. Yes. I am not passing this up. That’s what dating is for right? This is kind of fun… More to come later.



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