Read this if you don’t think the AA way

Read this, especially all the comments. I loved reading all the points of view, the arguing. After reading through it, I’ve come to the following realizations:

  • AA minded people preach about having tolerance, yet have no tolerance when it comes to recovery beyond 12-step programs. They have these underhanded insults and words, like “dry drunk” and “keep coming back”, to shame you into sticking around and feed off your fear of hitting another bottom. I can always tell when someone is a devout 12-step follower in their single-minded and self-righteous comments. They state their opinion and “share”, while keeping “their side of the street clean”. Take some fucking personal responsibility or shut the fuck up.
  • If you go to an AA or an NA meeting, a lot of the members will tell you that they “love” you and to never hesitate to call. I went to NA meetings for 4 months and when I stopped going to meetings, not one person called me. I attended AA meetings for around 6 months, and no one has reached out to me, asking me where I’ve been. It seems like your newly found AA and NA friends only want to be your friend when you are doing the AA/NA way of recovery. I’m bitter because I am not used to having friends, it’s a sensitive spot for me. When I first started attending 12-step support groups, all of a sudden I had these friends, and I was so happy, I just kept going to meetings. Then I started to disagree with it. The whole “higher power” thing and constantly calling my sponsor to tell me to “pray on it” and “go to a meeting” and being let down time and time again because IT. JUST. WASN’T. WORKING FOR ME. And thinking I’m defective because of it, when they teach you that your brain IS actually defective. So fucked. But, yeah, my point is I had fake friends/acquaintances when I was using who only wanted to be my friend so we could use together, much in the same way that when I started going to AA and I had fake friends/acquaintances who only wanted to be my friend while I attended meetings and “worked a program”.
  • “Praying” and “surrendering your will and life to a higher power” is the answer to everything in the 12-step way of life. I tried it and it just doesn’t work!

That is all for now… I’ll probably add more later. The people in the articles express their opinions better and in a more graceful manner. I just felt I had to share the link because it was a great article, followed by even better comments.


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