I read an article on here after searching “Geneen Roth” in the tags (which, by the way, if you’re new and having a hard time finding articles with content you want/need to read, is a good way to go). The writer mentioned Headspace and since I’m new in trying to actively practice meditation, I gave it a go.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 minute meditation and did not want it to end. I’m actually looking forward to going home tonight to do it again. (I say this now…)

I immediately felt relaxed and ready to face the day. I’m in a good mood.

I’m grateful for my 8 months of sobriety. My 38th day without a cigarette.

I’m grateful that I finally started a blog, and for the articles I read that resonate with me, make me laugh, and help me.

I’m grateful for the new phone and network I’m on because I can listen to Pandora in the morning. My phone actually works.

I’m grateful I am writing this. For my 10 minutes of meditation.


2 thoughts on “Headspace

  1. I have read and re-read several of Geneen Roth’s books over the years. I agree with you that she really hits the nail on the head when it comes to food, love, relationships, self-worth, etc. I return to her writing time & again for the comforting reminder that I’m not the only one who feels like a crazy person sometimes. 🙂 If you haven’t dived into Women, Food & God yet I highly recommend that one of hers!

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    1. I agree, it’s amazing how timeless her writing and ideas surrounding compulsive eating are. I couldn’t believe When Food Is Love was published in 1978! Women, Food & God is on my list! Breaking Free From Emotional Eating is next I’m thinking… I want more of a guide. She does already give good indirect guidance in When Food Is Love though. Maybe I just need to keep it simple!


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